Wood Deck Stain

Deck Stain Colors

Decks are installed in open air that’s why weather conditions are directly effects on them. If decks are consist of wood then rain water and sunlight can creates problems in terms of maintenance. In fact longer periods of exposure of the wood may lead to shrinking and swelling after certain periods of time. The wood deck stains can be the best solution in this situation. The wood deck stains are working as protector for wood and keep your deck in good condition for longer periods of time. In this regard there are different deck stain colors are available in the market in this regard.

The deck stain colors can provide the deck much needed protection from harsh weather conditions for longer periods of time. Basically these deck stain colors can do two things for you as far as the wood deck stains are concerned the first thing is they enhance the look of the wood and second but most important to provide the required protection against the harsh weather. One thing you must keep in your mind that the deck stain color that may enhance the look on one type of deck may not be suitable to the other type in some cases. This is very important to know that which type of wood deck stain suits which type of wood.

We know that a wood deck stain should be for exterior use. These wood deck stains formulation basically consist of two types. The more frequent type of wood deck stain is the oil based wood deck stain. Basically the oil based wood deck stains are the most compact and long lasting as compare to the other stain type which is of course the water based stains. The reason behind the oil based stain durability is that they remain intact for longer periods of time to protect the deck as well as avoid the effect of water or sun rays quite comfortably. On the other hand the water based wood deck stains are cheaper than the oil based wood deck stain bet less effective.

You are not short of variety and colors when you are out there for shopping for the deck stain colors. You can find these in the form of solid colors like yellow, white, red or black. On the other hand they are also available in semi transparent form.  Most people think that the transparent deck stain colors are much better choice as far as the wood deck stains are concerned. The reason behind this the transparent stains can enhanced the features and natural look of the wood while apply. The other theory for stain colors is that the solid stains can provide a more consistent color to the deck in most situations because they provide more protection against sunlight as compared to the semi transparent stain colors.

Whatever type or formulation you use for staining process one thing you must conform that before staining it is necessary to clean the deck first properly. The wood must be in dry state as far as the wood deck stains are concerned. Different types and size are there for decks according to the area available for deck that’s why you select the desired stain color according to the situation your deck located as well as the size your deck has. You must be careful while coating the deck to prevent uneven coatings.